Turkish Tale Ferhat and Şirin

Turkish Tale Ferhat and Şirin

Ferhat and Şirin Story has been an impossible love tale that has been the subject of poems and stories. It is a true love story that has been on the lips of lovers who have been stuck in obstacles despite loving each other very much for centuries. Feryat was the best embroidery master of his time. He makes the decorations of all religious buildings and palaces.
It is rumored that his ornaments and works are very beautiful because they reflect his unending love for Şirin. Ferhat is a strong and valiant young man. He fell in love with Şirin, the sister of the Sultan of Amasya named Mehmene Banu, at first sight. Şirin also fell in love with Ferhat. But there was something neither of them knew. Mehmene Banu had also seen Ferhat before and had fallen in love.

One day Farhad sends his family to Mehmene Banu to ask for Şirin. Mehmene Banu does not want to give Şirin because she loves Ferhat. However, she does not want to upset her sister because of her extreme love and devotion to her sister. She does not delay in finding a solution to this.

He offers a condition to Farhad to give her to him. He says: There is no water in the city. If you want me to give you the girl, bring water to the city. And I will give you my brother. Ferhat does not object to this impossible condition. His family and those around him begged him to give up this crazy business. But Ferhat risked everything for his love.

He would bring the water to the city and meet Şirin. He gathered all the equipment he would need, such as picks and shovels, and hit the road. He first started plans and projects to bring the water. He had to bring the water from the place known today as Şahin Rock, because it was the most suitable and convenient place. But it was quite a distance from the city. But he had to do it for his love.

He starts hitting the big mountain. As he struck, the rocks were crumbling and Ferhat was moving forward with his pickaxe. Mehmene Banu was following what was happening step by step. As the days passed, Ferhat’s hope grew. Mehmene Banu was getting pessimistic every day when she saw Ferhat getting closer to the water and thought of a solution. Ferhat should not have brought the water. He should not have succeeded in this difficult task. Soon Mehmene Banu came up with a cunning plan. She gave the order to find a witch and a witch was found.

He asks the witch to cast a spell to stop Ferhat. Instead of casting a spell, the witch finds a different solution. She roasts halva in a cauldron, puts the halva in a container and heads towards the mountain Ferhat is digging. When she sees Ferhat, she calls out to him as follows: “Şirin is dead, look, I brought you some halva. What are you still hitting the rocks with such greed?

When Ferhat hears this, he goes mad and throws the pickaxe in his hand into the air and says, “If Şirin is dead, life is forbidden for me. The pickaxe falling from the air hits Ferhat’s head and he dies on the spot. Upon hearing the news, Şirin immediately comes to the rocks and throws herself down from the rocks. The city has water, but neither Ferhat nor Şirin has risen anymore.

It belongs to Amasya province of Turkey.

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Hello everyone! My name is oğuz I am very curious about stories and fairy tales. When I was little, my mother used to tell us fairy tales at night in the village and put us to sleep, we 5 siblings and our mother used to sleep in the same room. My interest in fairy tales and stories comes from a long time ago and I wanted you to discover them because I love Turkish stories very much. There may be some spelling mistakes in my translations. I apologize for this, I wish you good readings.

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