The Story of the Swiftbird

The Story of the Swiftbird

One of the most important things known about the swift bird is that it is included in the Holy Quran, the holy book of Islam. The swift bird, which is the subject of many religious stories and movies, is known for saving the Kaaba, which is very important for Islam. Because one of the biggest attempts to destroy the Kaaba at that time was made by Abraham. Ebrehem, who went to destroy the Kaaba with his army, was defeated by the Ebabil birds.

What is a swift bird?

The Ebabil Bird is among the birds that people cannot see on the ground. Especially the reason why it cannot be seen on the ground has become a question that many people wonder. The swift bird is known for being very fast and tries to escape from all living things. These birds, which have an agile body structure, do not rest easily. For this reason, it becomes impossible for people to see them on the ground.

Swifts, which are often confused with swallows, have curved and longer wings than swallows. One of the most important features of this species is that it sleeps while flying. Because they are constantly in the air day and night. The period when swifts land on the ground is the breeding period. When they land on the ground, they usually nest on high rocks and high building roofs and sleep there. This flocking bird species is known for its high-pitched screams.

Another characteristic of swifts is that they cannot stand upright on their feet. These birds, whose life span is approximately 27 years, spend 90% of their lives in the air. Having an aesthetic that fascinates people with its appearance, the swift bird is generally seen in the spring months in Turkey.

Ebabil Bird is mentioned in Surah Elephant in the Quran. It describes how a man called Ebrehe and his army attempted to destroy the Kaaba and how the bird of Babel prevented them from doing so.

Ebrehe is known as the governor of Yemen belonging to the Kingdom of Abyssinia. Ebrehe built a church with a magnificent appearance in the city called San’a in order to attract the Arabs who came to visit the Kaaba in 570 BC. This church is known as ‘Kulleys’. But there were some people who were angry and indignant about this situation. It is even said that one of those who were angry entered this church and defecated inside, which caused Ebrehe to get angry. Ebrehe, who was confronted with this situation, is actually a devout Christian. He was very angry that such a thing was done to their place of worship and decided to gather his army and destroy the Kaaba.

Considering that it was impossible to fight against Ebrehe, who had a very strong army, the people of Mecca reached an agreement and as a result of this agreement, they retreated to the mountains and started to wait. Upon the arrival of the army, the swift birds came to the region and dropped the stones in their mouths on Abraham and his army. The stones cause many people to die. Abraham died there on his return. In this way, the destruction of the Ka’bah was prevented.

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