The Story of Leyla and Majnun

The Story of Leyla and Majnun

The story of Leyla and Majnun is a very famous story. Majnun is the son of a tribal chieftain named Kays, who was born into the world with offerings and prayers. While Kays was in school, he met Leyla, the daughter of another tribal chief. These two people fell in love with each other. Leyla’s mother found out about this love and adventure that started at school and grew more and more. Her mother then became very angry with her daughter Leyla about this issue.

She reprimanded him for this and decided to take him out of school. When Qais saw that Leila did not come to the school, his sadness increased a lot. So he took his head and traveled to the deserts. With this, he started to be called Majnun. Majnun’s father is disturbed by this situation. Thereupon, he asked for Leyla from her family.

But Leyla’s parents refuse to give their daughter away because she is Majnun. Hearing this, Leyla ran away from home and found Majnun in the desert. However, in the desert, Majnun had befriended the ahus, gazelles and birds and had risen from metaphorical love to true divine love. For this reason, he did not recognize Leyla. His father, who was saddened by this, took Majnun to the Kaaba so that he could recover. In this place where prayers to Allah are accepted, Majnun prays to Allah a lot to increase his love for her.

His prayer to God, or rather his love for God, increased and he began to spend all his time in the desert. Leila, on the other hand, was also caught up in the agony of love. After a while, her family married her off to a rich and well-known man named Ibn-i Selam. However, Leyla tells him that she is loved by a fairy. She also tries to keep Ibn-i Selam away from her, saying that if he touches her, they will both be bad.

Majnun is very sad when he hears in the desert that Leyla is getting married. He sends a reproachful letter to Leyla. Leyla tells Majnun about her situation. She too reproaches him for not understanding her. After a while, Majnun’s grief catches up with him and Ibn Salam dies. Leila returns home. She then begins to search for Majnun in the desert. But Majnun has forgotten Leyla’s existence because of divine love.

Although Leyla found Majnun in the desert, he did not recognize her. Although Leyla realizes that he has lost his mind, she still cannot live without him. She falls ill, falls into bed and dies. Hearing this, Majnun goes to Leyla’s grave and embraces her grave, crying and complaining. At that moment she also dies. They both now meet in heaven.

According to some rumors, the spirits of both of them are said to have reunited as two stars side by side in the sky..☆☆

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Hello everyone! My name is oğuz I am very curious about stories and fairy tales. When I was little, my mother used to tell us fairy tales at night in the village and put us to sleep, we 5 siblings and our mother used to sleep in the same room. My interest in fairy tales and stories comes from a long time ago and I wanted you to discover them because I love Turkish stories very much. There may be some spelling mistakes in my translations. I apologize for this, I wish you good readings.

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