The Lazy Boy and the Sultan’s Daughter

The Lazy Boy and the Sultan’s Daughter

Once upon a time, an old woman had a son; he was very lazy, so much so that he would not get out of bed and wanted everything at his feet. His mother could not find a remedy for this.

One day the king of that place expelled his little daughter, whom he considered unlucky, and threw her out into the street. So the girl took her head and went to a hut; it turned out to be the shelter of the boy. When she entered, she saw the boy lying down. The boy immediately asked the girl for bread. The girl wet the boy with a good stick: “Here is bread, get up and take it from there and eat it,” and so she did. The boy named her Azrael. Then the boy gradually gave up his habit and started going to work, eating everything with his own hands and doing everything with his own feet,

There were camel makers in that place. His mother gave him to work there. The camel maker took the lazy boy with him. Whatever money the boy received, he gave all his earnings to her and did not spend a penny. While they were getting along, the camel-makers went on a trip to buy and sell goods, and took the boy with them; his mother and the king’s daughter stayed at home.

As they were leaving, they met an old man who said a few words of wisdom. The boy followed the old man’s advice and they went on their way. The travelers were very thirsty, their tongues stuck to their palates. Then they found a well; but the water was not flowing, it was low. They said to the boy: “Get down into the well and release the water.” The boy went down into the well without any fear. There, a grandfather with a long beard appeared before the boy and gave him a pomegranate and a towel. The boy hid these and went upstairs. Meanwhile, the water of the well started to flow. While his friends were drinking, the boy slipped out of the well, ran home and quickly returned to the caravan. Anyway, they reached their destination, and the boy traveled with the camelmen.

On the one hand, the girl breaks the pomegranate and many diamonds come out. When she opens the towel, many soldiers appear. She built a palace there, furnished and decorated it, and when he returned from his journey, he found the hut empty. He squatted down on a stone and began to think. Before he could properly relieve his fatigue and rest, many men surrounded him, caught him by surprise and took him to the palace built by the girl. They put him in the heat, wash him, clothe him and dress him. The girl welcomes the boy. She opens the talisman towel. What does she see; the saluting soldier and the marching bands are playing thunderously. With a bright ceremony, the girl and boy enter arm in arm.

The boy becomes the king of the place. And they live a happy life

So that day I wanted to make a tray of baklava and send it to these young people. When it started to croak, I understood it to mean let go! I understood. I threw the tray on the ground and ran away. I couldn’t give it to them…

They’ve come to their destination, let’s come to ours…

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Hello everyone! My name is o─čuz I am very curious about stories and fairy tales. When I was little, my mother used to tell us fairy tales at night in the village and put us to sleep, we 5 siblings and our mother used to sleep in the same room. My interest in fairy tales and stories comes from a long time ago and I wanted you to discover them because I love Turkish stories very much. There may be some spelling mistakes in my translations. I apologize for this, I wish you good readings.

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