Rabbit and Friends tale

Rabbit and Friends tale

In a remote forest, a rabbit and his friends lived happily. One day, the hunters took their dogs and came to the forest. The sounds of dogs getting closer and closer began to startle the rabbit. The rabbit, puzzled what to do out of fear, began to run left and right in the forest, asking his friends for help. He went to the horse;

“Can you please help me? If you take me on your back and run, the dogs won’t be able to catch us, you can save me from this danger.” said


“I’m sorry rabbit bro, I have a lot of work to do,” he said.

The rabbit went to the zebra and said;

“My life is in danger, the hounds are after me, no one can run faster than you. Can you carry me on your back?” said.

Zebra, I’m sorry, but I have some business to take care of. I’m going out to look for food with my friends.

The rabbit went to the bear. The bear also made excuses, “sorry I can’t help.” said.

The rabbit went to the gazelle and said, “You run so fast, can you save me from these hounds?” said.

Gazelle said, “Unfortunately. If the hunters see me, they will come after me, you must seek help from someone else.” said

The hounds were very close, the rabbit began to run now. He saw a field of tall grass in front of him and started running into the field. He was no longer visible in the field and made the dogs lose track of him.

masal oku


Hello everyone! My name is oğuz I am very curious about stories and fairy tales. When I was little, my mother used to tell us fairy tales at night in the village and put us to sleep, we 5 siblings and our mother used to sleep in the same room. My interest in fairy tales and stories comes from a long time ago and I wanted you to discover them because I love Turkish stories very much. There may be some spelling mistakes in my translations. I apologize for this, I wish you good readings.

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