love stories Ali Beyim Sitting on a Stone Story

love stories Ali Beyim Sitting on a Stone Story

The views of İsmail Aşçı, who was the Mayor of Beyköy for a long time, about Ali Bey, who wrote and dictated a saga in the Burdur – Tefenni region; Let’s gather the comments on Ali Bey, who dictated a history, a saga, a novel in our region, in an honest and correct way: Ali Bey is a genuine Western Mediterranean young man who has written a saga in this region. Much has been said and written so far. In the statements given to writers and program producers, it was said that Ali Bey was a mountain gunslinger, that he had a temper. I claim that Ali Bey is not a mountain gunman. I open Ali Bey’s file, I examine it from start to finish. I find only one death in his file, the other comments are all fabrications. Ali Bey’s only crime is to love. Whatever happened to him happened because he fell in love with a girl.

At that time there were arranged marriages. Ali Bey was promised to his uncle Hodja Bey’s daughter, after the promise was made, Ali Bey had the opportunity to see his uncle’s daughter and he did not like her. He sees a girl named Zekiye in the same village, Beyköy, and falls in love, giving up his uncle’s daughter. He makes a deal with Zekiye and they run away to the mountain. Zaptiye (now known as the police station) pursues them. His uncle Hacıbey is one of the influential notables of this neighborhood. Months pass as they go here and there. In the meantime, someone nicknamed Sergeant Major repeatedly complains to the authorities in Tefenni about Ali Bey in order to get him caught. Ali Bey repeatedly told the sergeant major, “Don’t complain about me, I’m not hurting anyone,” but he couldn’t get him to listen. Well, one is not always like a pot of molasses, one can also be like a pot of vinegar, and that’s when everything happens.

Ali Bey burns the chief sergeant alive with his horse, this is the only death incident in his file. And when it comes to the end, since his uncle does not take Hacıbey’s daughter, he harbors a grudge against him, and all he thinks is that if he kills Ali bey, he can take his grudge and revenge. With the help of his uncle, they trap Ali bey in the Ballık location. Ali bey is told to surrender. Among these voices, Ali Bey trusts his uncle’s words “Come out Ali Bey, I’m there, I won’t have you shot” and decides to surrender. But Zekiye senses the situation. “Alim, let’s not surrender,” she pleads, but her pleas are in vain. Ali Bey does not listen to Zekiye. He is shot as he goes out to surrender. Not only that, they cut off his head from his neck and took him to Burdur. And then manis and folk songs are sung. This is the real story of Ali Bey.

Mr. Ali sits by the stone,
The partridge takes the chicks to the water,
Much love brings quick separation,
Gone is the youth, cries the young scholar.

A cloud flew over Beyköyü,
Alibey’s head fell in Burdur,
Those who saw this were astonished,
Gone is youth, the young scholar cries.

The water of the fork mills is muddied,
Zekiye’s hair was tangled in red oaks,
I believed in my heart that Mr. Ali was dead,
Gone is the youth, says the young scholar.

Mr. Ali wrestled in the morning,
They hung the head without a body,
Every person weeps at the state of the scholar,
Gone is the youth, says the young scholar.

Mr. Ali has become a sacrificial lamb,
Uncle Haji, this game is gone from you,
I’ve gone, don’t make Zekiye cry,
Gone is the youth, the young scholar cries.

While it is a beautiful thing to love and be loved, I wish people who cannot accept this would never exist. -admin

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Hello everyone! My name is oğuz I am very curious about stories and fairy tales. When I was little, my mother used to tell us fairy tales at night in the village and put us to sleep, we 5 siblings and our mother used to sleep in the same room. My interest in fairy tales and stories comes from a long time ago and I wanted you to discover them because I love Turkish stories very much. There may be some spelling mistakes in my translations. I apologize for this, I wish you good readings.

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